We champion a responsible investment approach focused on creating long-term, sustainable value and are conscious of the responsibilities we have towards all our stakeholders. 

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PUR is a global leader and certified B Corp in Nature-Based Solutions ("NbS"). With over 15 years of experience, they have developed a deep understanding of key commodity supply chains, focusing on protecting and restoring ecosystems, such as coffee and cocoa landscapes. 

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Bregal Sphere is an impact platform which aims to invest targeted capital to address key societal and environmental challenges in a responsible and sustainable way.

Bregal Sphere seeks to address the climate crisis and other interrelated challenges, such as biodiversity loss and community resilience, by deploying impact focused capital in mission-driven companies and projects.

Bregal Sphere will leverage the expertise of Nature-Based Solutions developers, such as PUR, to accelerate climate action through the development of high-quality projects with strong environmental and societal co-benefits.

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Bregal Sphere invests capital to address global challenges. Our investment platform strives to create positive societal and environmental impacts while looking to generate risk-adjusted returns for our investors – all while demonstrating our impact performance through transparent reporting.

Investing in Nature 

Addressing the financing gap for nature is imperative, as it plays a vital role in meeting global goals related to climate change and biodiversity loss, ensuring the resilience of long-term supply chains, and facilitating a just transition toward greener, resilient, inclusive, and nature-positive economies. This transition involves creating fair and inclusive economic pathways, generating decent work opportunities, and ensuring that no one is left behind in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, the annual financing gap for Nature-based Solutions ("NbS") is estimated to be $520 billion, below the level of investment required by 2050. This shortfall jeopardizes our ability to halt and reverse losses to nature and biodiversity while also establishing resilient supply chains to combat climate change risks and impacts. Bridging this gap is therefore crucial, yet private capital currently contributes only 17% of NbS finance as of 2022.

We believe that private capital's role in NbS finance is pivotal - representing an opportunity to bridge the financing gap and contribute significantly to global sustainability efforts. By aiming to leverage private investments more effectively, with a keen focus on the environmental and social impacts created, we believe we can enhance the nature-based solutions market, accelerate progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals ("SDGs"), and address the urgent challenges posed by climate change and biodiversity loss.

Bregal Sphere Nature 

Bregal Sphere Nature is a distinct natural capital strategy, focused on investing private capital into high-quality, genuine Nature-Based Solutions ("NbS") projects – with a focus on agricultural supply chains and adjacent landscapes – that seek to protect and restore nature, improve community livelihoods and address the drivers and impacts of climate change in a holistic manner.

In doing so, we seek to help catalyse investment to address the nature financing gap and direct capital into high-quality community-driven projects, focused, and delivering positive, measurable and transparent outcomes across our three core impact themes.

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ESG & Responsible Investing

Bregal Sphere builds on Bregal’s well-established ESG & Responsible Investing program.

We are committed to ensuring that companies that become part of the Bregal Sphere platform do right, in the right way - creating a positive impact in a socially responsible manner, ensuring high standards of ESG governance, and decarbonizing in line with Bregal Investments' existing Science Based Targets Initiative ("SBTi") commitments. 

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