We champion a responsible investment approach focused on creating long-term, sustainable value and are conscious of the responsibilities we have towards all our stakeholders. 

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PUR is a global leader and certified B Corp in Nature-Based Solutions ("NbS"). With over 15 years of experience, they have developed a deep understanding of key commodity supply chains, focusing on protecting and restoring ecosystems, such as coffee and cocoa landscapes. 

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Agustin Silvani

Managing Partner

Agustin Silvani joined Bregal in 2024 as Managing Partner of Bregal Sphere Nature.

Before joining Bregal, Agustin spent 14 years at Conservation International as the head of Conservation Finance, where under his leadership, the team raised and deployed over $1 billion with partners such as Apple and Goldman Sachs into nature-based investments. Prior to Conservation International, Agustin worked in various banks and investment firms in climate investments, including six years spent on the commodities desk of MIG trading group. Agustin is also a founding Board member of the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Markets (“ICVCM”).

Agustin received a BA in Business from the University of Maryland and has an MBA from Insead.

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